Sunday, December 17th, 2017


Catholic Church Clamps Down on Art Theft

By Andrea Vogt, Bologna 7:55PM GMT 28 Nov 2014 New guidelines have been issued in Italy in an attempt to […]

Vatican call for Church to welcome gay people did not go ‘far enough’

Archbishop of Westminster insists apparent rejection of thaw in relations between Catholic Church and same-sex couples is ‘not an end’ […]

Pope’s Plea for Peace

By Andrea Vogt, Rome 11:47AM GMT 25 Dec 2013  Pope Francis made an impassioned plea for “a homemade peace” that […]

Paving the Way for Putin and the Pope

While covering the papal candidates with a BBC team last March I had the unique opportunity to coordinate interviews with […]

Italy’s Week of Change

It has been an unforgettable few days in Italy, with white smoke on Wednesday heralding a massive historical shift for […]

Mobster Crypt Opened: Rome Mystery Continues

Italian mafia boss’s tomb exhumed in search for missing girl Dozens of boxes of unidentified human bones found in mobster’s […]