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Slovenia 2014, directing tunnel and trench reenactments for The Great Underground War

Vogt has co-produced and directed television documentaries on current affairs, crime and history and presented analysis for news broadcasts for a diverse array of international clients, including Discovery Channel, BBC, Der Spiegel TV and  A & E. She is Founding Partner and Head of Production at  Millstream Films.



2017: BBC TWO / BBC WORLD After Brexit: The Battle for Europe  (Italy Location Producer) Aired Feb. 9







2016:  LETHAL CARGO  4 x 52


Interview with Ukraine reformer Yulia Maruschevska in her last weeks as Head of Odessa Customs

Co Producer / Author: A four-part series of investigative documentaries about thport-of-odessae deadly  trafficking of migrants, toxic waste, drugs and weapons in the Mediterranean Sea.

Shot on location in Italy,Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Brussels and London.



On the summit of Etna, with cameraman Francesco Saverio Valentino


At the Phlegrean Fields “Solfatara” with cameramen Enrico del Gamba & Paolo Furente

Co Producer / Author: A 5-part series of documentaries about the threats volcanoes pose to communities, how the local people cope and the advantages they gain from living close to active volcanoes. Original shoot and interviews in five stunning locations: Etna (Italy) –Vesuvius (Italy) –Phlegrean Fields (Italy)–Lanzarote (Canary Islands) — Nisyros (Greece).

2016: RELIC WINE HUNTERS  3 x 45

malagousia_greeceCo Producer / Author: All over Europe, relic wine hunters and enology experts have entered a race against time to save some vines on the verge of extinction, to rekindle the flavours of yesterday. We follow relic wine hunters through Sicily, northern Greece and southern France as they seek out the wines of the past in some of the most unexpected places.



Co Producer / Co Author: After years of torture, abuse and ridicule, 19 brown “vodka bears” are today being rehabilitated in a 30-acre rehabilitation centre in the Synevir nature reserve in western Ukraine. This is the fascinating story of Europe’s largest rehabilitation center for brown bears in the rugged Carpathian mountains, near the wild border with Romania and Hungary.



Co Producer / Author: The Colosseum is the heart of Rome, and was once the centre of the greatest empire of the ancient world. Two thouColosseumsand years after it was built, this iconic monument is in dire need of repair. This two-part series takes a unique behind the scenes glimpse of how the worlds of science, fashion, archaeology and culture are coming together for an epic renovation of one of the most popular monuments in the world. Shot in Full HD in three different arenas, includes re-enactments of gladiatorial combat and interviews with Tod’s CEO Diego Della Valle, the millionaire fashion mogul sponsoring the work. (Der Spiegel TV, Viasat History. Distributed by Autentic)


Co Producer / Author: They were great Scandinavian warriors and fine craftsmen. From Newfoundland to the Caspian Sea they robbed and traded fine furs, jewelry,

A forensic expert studies bone fragments from Viking ship found in Estonia

Bone expert describing fragments found in Viking ships. Estonia

slaves or weapons: anything worth something. They opened new trade routes still used today, founded magnificent cities such as Kiev and Novgorod, and captured ancient hubs like York, Naples and Istanbul. This five-part series follows the Vikings everywhere they went, revealing stunning new archaeological discoveries that turn Viking history on its head. (Der Spiegel TV, Viasat, Distributed by Autentic)


2014:      BBC3  “Is Amanda Knox Guilty?”

Director: This definitive documentary on the murder of Meredith Kercher and the 7 year saga of the trials of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito aired on BBC  in February, 2014. Shot on location in Perugia, Florence, London and Seattle over several years, the film features never-before seen trial and investigation footage and audio. Executive Producer Steve Anderson, Producer Paul Russell, Edit Producer Kate Hampson, Director Andrea Vogt. A Fact TV UK production, made for the BBC3 in association with NBC News Peacock Productions and Autentic. Read about how the film fared in this day-after take by the Hollywood Reporter or read this Q & A in Grazia Magazine about the making of the film.  A fully updated version that includes the final chapter of the Amanda Knox saga — her and Raffaele Sollecito’s dramatic and definitive 2015 acquittal in Rome — is soon available. Distributed by Autentic / Beta Film.


Winter shoot in the Apennines for trench explosion recons

Co Producer/ Asst. Director: This five part series premiered in June 2014 in Eastern Europe and will be broadcast throughout Europe as it commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Click here to watch the promo.  The series covers five major underground battles and tells the story of tunnel warfare of the First World War. Filmed in France, Germany, Belgium and Italy, the series features original language interviews, German, Italian and British archeologists and experts, real footage of existing tunnels, reenactments of key battles and reconstructions of explosions carried out in existing mountain trenches and bunkers.  (A Fact TV-Autentic Co Production. Der Spiegel TV, VIASAT, Discovery Italia). Distributed by Autentic / Beta Film.


Co Producer/Author: An unflinching two-part mini-series (2 x 45 minutes in Full HD) documenting the historic turning point resignation of Benedict XVI and the extraordinary conclave and election of Pope Francis, the first non-European pope in 1000 years. Shot on location in Argentine and Rome, the series is a rare behind the scenes look at the secretive papal election process. Episode one, A New Pope, intimately describes the mysterious and ancient ritual of choosing a new pope  – from resignation to conclave and inauguration. Episode two, A Pope from Afar, features exclusive interviews with cardinals, Vatican experts and journalists who, for the first time, tell the whole story – with both criticism and praise –of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and how he navigated Argentina’s dark past to become the first Latin American pope.   (Der Spiegel TV. French AB Droits).Distributed by Autentic / Beta Film.

2013-2014-2015-2016 SALVAGE MASTERS (Seasons I, II, III)

Filming in Sicily, 2013.

Co Producer / Author

Salvage Masters: an ongoing television documentary series on ship salvage and the men and women who make these massive feats of engineering happen. Now in its third series, with 13 episodes complete. Produced for Der Spiegel TV and Discovery Italia on past and present salvage operations in The Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea, Barents Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.   Distributed by Autentic / Beta Film (Germany).

2013 Costa Concordia: The Whole Story:

At the site of the Costa Concordia shipwreck

Co Producer / Author: A two-part TV series featuring two separate 50-minute documentaries about the catastrophic sinking of the Costa Concordia.  From the horrific night in January to the epic on-going salvage operation that is still under way, these two programs tell the stories of survivors and the families of victims, as well as shipping experts and salvage masters. Premiered Sunday  13th January, 2013. A Fact TV Production, featuring Italdron aerial drone footage. Watch here.

2012: DMAX (Discovery Channel Italy) Emilia: Cronaca di un Terremoto (Fatal Shock): Co-producer / Co-Director: A 50-minute TV documentary on the May 2012 earthquakes in northern Italy. A Fact TV Production, featuring Italdron aerial drone footage.

Filming (Valerio Barbati) in Finale Emilia

2011-2012: A & E (Crime and Investigation Network) Crime: Crossing the Line:

Author, Researcher, Presenter: An 8-part series on cross-border international crime. The series delved deep into 8 high-profile homicides in Germany, U.S., Italy, Hong Kong, UK and Poland.

Cameraman, Enrico, in Hong Kong

Subjects include the mysterious death of iconic Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Milkshake Murder in Hong Kong and a two-hour documentary on the Meredith Kercher murder case in Perugia. Filmed on location with original interviews and scripts by Andrea Vogt. Aired in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. A 0951 Film Production.

2010-2013: Analysis on crime, human rights, and Italy for the following programs: The Color of Conscience (Idaho Public Television); Discovery Great Crimes & Trials (2012) A & E Biography: Monster of Florence (2010), CBS News Sunday Morning (2010), ABC 20/20 (2009) BBC World (Amanda Knox Court of Cassation Decision 2013)

2011: La7: L’Altra Meta del Crimine: Presenter / Researcher: 15 episodes of an Italian crime series about women, crime and forensic science, featuring General Luciano Garofano.

LISTEN AND WATCH:  2013 Breaking News Analysis on the Amanda Knox case for Canada AM on CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster:


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